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Isn’t it just fitting that I bought myself Paul Auster’s Moon Palace¬†as a graduation gift?

I graduated yesterday, and this has got to be my most decent photo, obviously because it was taken by a photo studio. My lack of decent toga-lorn photos is depressing, but that’s just inconsequential. So I just took this in my room with my tripod and my wonderful white wall.

I graduated with a degree in International Studies. I was short of earning a Latin Honor, but that’s pretty trivial, too. I do, however, have a small medal with a fairly classy plastic case.

I always though of commencement exercises as these grand, emotional ceremonies with all the inspirational speeches, cap throwing, and the giving of diplomas. It was only yesterday that I saw how overrated they are for the average student. But that’s just what I think about the ceremony, it’s symbolism is another thing.

People always say how big of a change and transition graduations are. This was exactly the theme of the response from one of the graduating students.¬†Graduation is a big transition. The country is changing. We are changing. We must be the change. Though he wrote and delivered it well and he seems to be well on his way to becoming a very accomplished man, but what he said wasn’t something new. We already know those things. We’ve accepted it. That’s probably why it wasn’t of significant impact to me. I wanted to hear something bold and provocative, something that would challenge the conventional ideas of my generation. A statement that would make me and every other graduate in the hall think, realize and scrutinize, and hopefully, would be something that would stick and get us out of our shells of comfort and luxury.

But it wasn’t, and it’s fine. The bubble is bound to burst soon anyway.

And I do hope that this wouldn’t be my last graduation.

Congratulations, graduates!